Perfecting your elevator pitch

 What do consumers and businesses need to know in an evolving landscape?

Business owners, entrepreneurs and business professionals everywhere are rethinking and strategizing changes across their industries from disruption in the marketplace due to COVID-19 and an evolving business landscape. We get it, change probably rocked your world and caused you to rapidly shift your business goals and plans in the not-so-distant future. With so many moving parts, it can be easy to forget the little things that add up to be an integral part of your business. This is your reminder, if your business goals have changed; if you have had to pivot your plan, your elevator pitch needs to pivot too.

You may have read our blog working on elevator pitch (don’t overthink) and made some changes to your elevator pitch and that is awesome. All the tips mentioned in that article are still relevant but with the changes 2020 brought to our world, here are a few things you may not be thinking of that you can consider adding to your pitch or rethinking altogether.

Consider what a consumer or potential business will need to know about your business that is new, different, or expanded from your services prior to the pandemic. For example, if you offered in-home service consultations but now your business has changed to virtual or phone consultations, consider adding a sentence to your pitch. Below is an example.

“I started this company with a goal to offer a high-end audio experience for home theaters and outdoor audio-scaping at a lower cost than competitors. We do it all from conception to installation. We offer a free virtual or phone consultation to help audio enthusiasts, theater lovers and music fanatics choose the right home automation experience for them…”  

Consider briefly addressing the needs of your business in your elevator pitch, but also emphasize how you want to partner with or help your community. Especially in the time after COVID-19 Pandemic, think about how you can help your local community thrive.