Culture Building is Self-Work AND Team Work

Work environments today compared to 6 months ago and versus 18 months ago look extremely different for most everyone.  Trends I discuss with business owners are centered around hiring, employee retention and culture.  I am a strong believer that building culture is a critical first step towards the success of any business.  That foundation then becomes the tool used to hire the right team and retain the right team.  Culture … Read more

Spring 2021 Legislative Updates

Sherry Jordan, President & CEO at the Edmond Area Chamber of Commerce  With Sine Die looming, Oklahoma legislators are making one last push to get their bills completed by the official adjournment at 5 p.m. on Friday, May 28.   The biggest (and most time-consuming) responsibility of the state legislature is to create and approve the … Read more

How Oklahoma businesses learned to #ThriveInThePandemic

How Oklahoma businesses learned to #ThriveInThePandemic  When the pandemic shut down the world in 2020, businesses had to pivot practices and processes. That change came out of pure necessity: moving meetings online, implementing safety procedures, reworking budgets.  Change is hard work, especially if habits and routines have formed in companies. However, every business that managed to #ThriveInThePandemic had one … Read more

2020 Filing extended deadlines for Oklahoma

Whitney Craig, CPA & Director of Tax & Accounting 2020 resulted in surprising changes to tax season and 2021 seems to be following a similar trend.  If you are a business owner in Oklahoma looking for additional time to file your 2020 tax returns or to make payments due before June 15th, you are in luck!    … Read more

Build work habits in 2021 to help you #ThriveInThePandemic and beyond

2020 was a historic year. And while we picked up habits necessary to continue working and living as normally as possible, despite the abnormal, it’s time to live like it’s a new year.  Last year, the stress of a world-wide pandemic and worry for our health and the health of those close to us was joined by the stress of learning how … Read more

Technology upgrades to help your company #ThriveInThePandemic

A new year brings new opportunity – new chances to alter your organization’s budget, policies, and more. And while 2020 was surely eye-opening for many businesses, it’s time to use what we learned last year to make 2021 the best year yet.  While you’re setting new goals for yourself and your business, consider revamping your tech. Investing in, rolling out and implementing new technology can … Read more

Tech Tips to beat the #Holidaze2020

October is here, and the holiday shopping season is upon us.  Is your business prepped for the season? From seasonal sales to COVID safety measures, there is one resource you’ll want to utilize to thrive as a business during the holidays: technology.  As we approach the holiday season, we will continue to see holiday expectations change due to health concerns. A … Read more

Plan for success in Q4-20 and 2021: Take care of your people

There’s no denying it – 2020 has been a whirlwind of emotions, health concerns, and political campaigns. While it has been an unprecedented and, at times, exhausting year, BBB is determined to help you prepare for both Q4-30 and 2021, by keeping your employees physically and emotionally happy.  If you’ve not already created a solid plan to take care of your employees’ emotional and mental health, now … Read more

State of our students: Balancing work, learning, and family

Life is returning to a semblance of normalcy – normalcy with masks, that is: the fall semester is beginning, employees are returning to work, and unemployment rates are falling. But, with this growth comes questions. Should our children return to in-person schooling, or should we continue remote learning? Should we work in the office, or … Read more