How Oklahoma businesses learned to #ThriveInThePandemic

How Oklahoma businesses learned to #ThriveInThePandemic 

When the pandemic shut down the world in 2020, businesses had to pivot practices and processes. That change came out of pure necessity: moving meetings online, implementing safety procedures, reworking budgets. 

Change is hard work, especially if habits and routines have formed in companies. However, every business that managed to #ThriveInThePandemic had one thing in common: they adapted, and they did it well. 

Mike Crandall, Sandler Training 

When the world was hit with COVID-19, Mike Crandall says Sandler Training’s first step was asking clients if changes needed to be made in their business agreements. Surprisingly, all businesses said to keep their agreements the same – they needed Sandler more than ever. 

Crandall recommends businesses take advantage of resources like Zoom, LinkedIn, and Vidyard in a tech-based workforce. Further, he reminds business owners they should no longer be in survival mode; instead, it’s time to thrive. Here are tips Crandall gives to help businesses thrive: 

  1. Evaluate what you want your business to look like 
  1. Evaluate what others are doing in the business 
  1. Practice how to do things – leadership isn’t practiced enough 

Nathan Howell, Advantec Solutions 

In the world of information technology, Advantec Solutions also helped clients pivot their processes. Nathan Howell says clients asked how to keep their businesses going despite lockdown – from upgrading technology like webcams, cell phones, and laptops to tech privacy, Advantec Solutions gave their businesses resources necessary to continue work. Here are tips Howell gives to help businesses thrive with IT: 

  1. Invest in IT – focus on how you would survive if you were attacked 
  1. Protect your data 
  1. Back up your data 
  1. Update your software regularly 
  1. Don’t make everyone in your organization an administrator 
  1. Stay informed on trending ransomware 

Casey Hunter, Better Business Bureau serving Central Oklahoma 

For Better Business Bureau serving Central Oklahoma, business resource events were moved to the virtual landscape for safety. Casey Hunter says she remembers strategizing new options for events and campaigns with teammates. She says she quickly learned professionals are adaptable – before long, BBB had a cadence to successfully put on events, whether hybrid or virtual. (You may watch a hybrid events Quick Tip video of Hunter here). Here are tips Hunter gives to help businesses thrive with their events: 

  1. To perfect the hybrid/virtual event process, 
  1. Prep the event 
  1. Write processes down 
  1. Evaluate success 
  1. Evolve for future events 
  1. Find individuals and companies in the community who want to partner 
  1. Get involved with BBB